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Co-Chairpersons of the Gourd Artists Gathering:

Joy Jackson, Ohio
(Class Scheduling, Demonstrations, and Webmaster)

Sue D'Antonio, Florida
(Vendor, CFO, Everything Else and the Complaint Department)

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Set-up and some earlybird activities on Thursday, May 29

Cherokee Indian Fairgrounds
441 Sequoyah Trail
Cherokee, NC
 (right beside the Museum of the Cherokee Indian)
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Tribal Liaison:  Darlene Whitetree (NC)
Vendor Coordinator:  Harlan Groover (GA)
Class Registration:  Marcia White (FL)
Auction:  Sue D'Antonio (FL)
Raffle:  Doris Trombley (NC)
Name Badge Contest:  Mike & Michelle Thompson (MS)
Theme Gourd Contest:  Jeannine Thames (KY) & Susan Byra (MS)
Silent Auction:  Tina Handrop (GA)
Journal of Tutorials:  Sandy Jordan (FL)
Swapportunity Items:  Harlan & Elly Groover (GA)
Group Instrument Making Project:
Batt Battstone (IN/OH) and Bobby D'Antonio (FL)
Class Station Set-up:  Renee Velzka (OH)
Electrical:  Chuck Trombley
Creation Station:  Sarah Kemp & Michael Winchester (LA)
Activity Photographer:  Char Suda (NC)
Gourd Art Exchange:  Kyle Rowland (MD) & Georgie Ellwood (MD)

Food Service will be provided by
the folks at
Creek Hollow Farms
No dogs are allowed on the Fair Grounds (except Service Dogs)
Classes are outside (under cover of roof or canopies)
Be prepared by packing clothing you can layer
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12th Annual
Cherokee Gourd Artists Gathering
"Gourds of Oz"
May 30 - June 1, 2014
Follow the yellow brick road
to the Emerald City
in Cherokee, North Carolina
for a great weekend
of all things gourd!
Nearly 100 classes to choose from, a great variety of raw gourd vendors, gourd-related supplies and tools, along with a poppy field of fun contests and activities.

Beware of the Wicked Witch
with  her flying monkeys
and duck when the trees start throwing apples at you!

Gourd & photos courtesy of Sammie Crawford...
...The Fairy Gourdmother
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Register for Classes
May 6 thru May 25, 2014

Auctions, Raffles, 50/50
13th Annual
Cherokee Gourd Artists Gathering
May 28 - 31, 2015

"Paws for Gourds"

To purchase 2014 Journal of Tutorials
contact:  Sue D'Antonio