Wheat Weaving
Patty Burke
Winnsboro, TX

Wheat weaving is an "Old World Craft" found in all grain producing countries in the world.  Some of the earliest evidence of saving grain from the harvest date back to early Egypt, and earlier.  Patty began weaving in the 70's while living in a small Eastern Wyoming town where dry land wheat was grown.  She belongs to the National Assoc. of Wheat Weavers and in the past has won awards from the Wyoming Art Council, the Albany County Fair and the Ideriod Art Fair in Anchorage, AK.  Patty has grown and harvested her own wheat in Texas, however the pieces submitted are done with Black Beard Durum Wheat from N. Dakota.


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Large Bag of Ornamental Gourds
Gloria Small
Wilderness Gardens Gourd Farm / Studio Workshop
Trinity, N.C.

Your Very Own Gourd Farm
Alana & Bob Riveira
Alana's Gourd Spirits
Washington Pacific Northwest

This farm house is carved form Cottonwood Bark with Gourds carved from a gourd shell.  It has a Chimney, a split front door, lots of steps, a carved cave for storing gourds, a gourd birdhouse hanging from the eaves.  There's even a small bench to sit on while you work on your gourds!  4"in. tall and 6 1/2"in. wide.  (Shown beside a pop can for size reference.)
Mimbre Turtle and Ripples Vessel
Joy Jackson
The Joy of Gourds!
Winchester, OH

Hand-Glazed Original Design Gourd Inspired Coffee Mug
Angela F. Reinhart
Portland, IN

One signed copy of
a mystery novel introducing gourd artist Lili Marino

One signed copy of
An anthology of 15 mystery short stories, each of which features a craft. Project instructions included. Lili Marino makes her appearance in a story called
"The Gourd, the Bad, and the Ugly."
Both of these prizes will be signed by author Maggie Bruce!
New York
Gourd Vessel w/Philendron Sheath Rim
Renee Velzka
Nay's Nature Crafts
Massillon, OH
Pouch Necklace w/Woodburned Deer
Darlene Propp
dpropp Gourd Art
Highland, CA
Tutorial Magazine by Leah Comerford
Leah Comerford
Leah Comerford Designer Gourds
Falmouth, Virginia
Leah's 18-page, full color, tutorials magazine includes three full project tutorials (Chip Carving, Knotless Netting, Peyote Beading), two technique guides (Watercolor Staining, Gourd Vision/Pyrography) and three gallery pages showing more examples of all the styles taught.

Necklace & Earrings Set
Leah Comerford
Flatwork, Necklaces & Gourds
Gourd Art & Tutorials
Falmouth, Virginia
Lampwork Art Glass (artist unknown).  Strung with coral rondelles, freshwater pearls and assorted glass seed beads. Sterling silver hook clasp. 17" open. Matching earrings.
Gourd Mask
Dynva Todd
Dynva Art
Seattle, WA
Shadowbox Tile
Janie Calamia
Janie's Online Photo Albums
Owesnboro, KY
Beaded Tile
Joey Calamia
Owesnboro, KY
This beautiful cat and flower tile is beaded with No. 11 sead beads.
Here you can see many of the items that were donated to last year's Gathering for the Raffle.

The ones with descriptions were donated in advance so we were able to include them on the website prior to the event.

The items pictured afterward were taken during the Gathering.
More items donated on-site...
Many thanks to Joe Henderson for his photography services!
Winner:  Doris Trombley
Winner:  Dolores Gatz
Winner:  Marj McClendon
Winner:  Heather Mingus
Donated by:  Karen Hundt-Brown
Winner:  Barbara Nelson
Donated by:  Jerry Prater
Winner:  Judy Ryan
Tutorial packet (3 tutorials) by Marianne Barnes - won by Judy Ryan
Tutorial packet (3 tutorials) by Marianne Barnes - won by Harlan Groover
Woven Rim gourd red/blue by Elly Groover - won by Billie Jo Phillips
Dyed bowl w/pine needle rim by Madge Sala - won by Fred Bedsole
"Fussin' with the Gourds" CD - donated by Turtle Feathers (David & Ronna Wuttke) won by Witty Roe
Woven Rim gourd black/yellow by Elly Groover - won by Donnell Bedsole
Gourd Juice - donated by Harlan & Elly Groover - won by Fran Minshew and Doris Trombley
GlueSmith Glue - donated by Glenn Burkhalter - won by Doris Trombley
Luffa Gourd Catcus in Pot - donated by Merrill Toone - won by Cindy Cech-Auxier
Three Curly Dipper Gourds - donated by Bayou Gourd Farm (Tom & Zelda Hornsby) - won by Barbara Hoelzel
Gourd Doll - donated by Peggy Lentz - won by Fran Minshew
Gold Leaf Butterfly - donated by Tonia Owen - won by Leonard Fleming
Three books - donated by Marcia White - won by Guy Conley
Cut Gourd with Carved Design by Bill Peoples - won by Teressia Blair
Gourd Crafts Book by Ginger Summit donated by Denise Henderson - won by Wilbur Paul
The Decorated Gourd Book by Dyan Peterson donated by Denise Henderson - won by Dolores Gatz
Gourd Art Container by Bob Spencer - won by Bruce Holmes
Woodburned Oil Lamp w/Iris by Marianne Barnes - won by Linda Bledsole
Susan D'Antonio's donation was won by Judy Zeigler

Winner:  Judy Ryan
Winner:  Sue Jamison
Donated by:  A.B. Amis
Winner:  Marj McClendon
Winner:  Judy Ryan
Winner:  Marshall Penix
Winner:  Teressia Blair
Donated by:  Donnell Bedsole
Winner:  John Conley
Donated by:  Jim Lewis
Winner:  Shawn Newton
Winner:  Barbara Nelson
Winner:  Georgie Ellwood
Donated by:  Sandee Toone
Winner:  Sarah Busbee
Donated by:  Tom & Coleen Atkinson
Winner:  Nancy Kimmons
Donated by:  Nancy Kimmons
Winner:  Tracy Snyder
Donated by:  Turtle Feathers
Winner:  Sandra Palmer
Winner:  Joan Pascuzzo
Donated by:  Billie Jo Phillips
Winner:  Karen Pruitt
Donated by:  Star Lightfoot
Winner:  Jeannine Thames
Donated by:  Turtle Feathers
Winner:  Ginny Dorsheimer
Donated by:  Peggy Ash
Winner:  Joan Moore
Donated by:  Claire Groff
Winner:  Betsy Moore
Winner:  Sandra Palmer
Winner:  Scott Nelson
Donated by:  Sandra Palmer
Winner:  Judy Poulson
Donated by:  Mariellen Hittner
Winner:  Sandee Toone
Donated by:  R.A. Tucker
Winner:  Judy Zeigler
If you notice mistakes or can help complete omissions, please let Joy Jackson know so she can correct them.
Large Bag of Beautiful Devil's Claws
Dynva Todd
Dynva Art
Seattle, WA
Winner:  Deb DeMaria