Country Home Gourd Art
A.B. & Frances Amis, Grant, FL
You're invited to "pull up a chair and sit a spell" in the Country Home Gourd Art booth, where A.B. Amis might just place a gouge in your hand and try to get you hooked on his speciality of chip carving, or Frances might try to interest you in her specialty of weaving on a gourd.  You'll see a strong geometric component in most of A.B.'s chip carved work, a reflection of his own 35-year engineering background as well a a sort of homage to Dr. Leslie Miller, whose work he aspires to emulate.  But A.B. departs from these tight geometric designs in some of his more recent vases and urns, where emphasis is on graceful sweeps of the vessels themselves rather than decoration, and similar graceful sweeps will be found in Frances's intricately cut and woven "Franskets".  Incidentally, Frances is also a Master Gardener, so besides their finished art, you may also be lucky enough to pick up some plant materials native to Florida for embellishing your own gourd art.  Check the schedule for A.B.'s class on sculpting a graceful vessel!
Little Deer Creations
Ken & Arlene Arnold,  Elkton, FL
If you had the chance to drop by Little Deer Creations at last year's Gathering, you were rewarded with a beautiful display of Native American inspired and other gourd art.  You will probably find the Arnold's working in their booth throughout the weekend, and they will gladly answer any questions you might have.
Southwestern Creations
Maria Bracy, Ahoskie, NC
This will be Maria's third year with us, and we can't wait to see what she's been up to since the last Gathering.  Her booth - full of colorfully designed birdhouses, gourd jewelry, ornaments, and other decorative gourds including animals and birds - is always a crowd-pleaser. 
Gourds from the Garden
Tammy Brown, East Bend, NC
If you're not familiar with Tammy's art, sit down with a cuppa' and visit her website.  Be prepared for an enjoyable time browsing through her finished art, do-it-yourself gourd kits, patterns, note cards, and other items.  If you're looking for long-leafed pine needles, you'll find those here, too.  If you had fun at her website, imagine visiting her and seeing her work in person!  Be sure to stop by her booth, and if you're interested in making some beautiful ornaments framed with pine needles, check out the classes she'll be teaching!
Rock'n'Gourd Art
Tom & Karen Cassara, Stone Mountain, GA
We're thrilled to have Tom & Karen join us this year as vendors!  They have supported the first two Gatherings as participants, and we're looking forward to the opportunity to see a display of their finished art.  Tom does the cutout work, and Karen does the art work and painting.  One of Karen's creations was recently featured on the cover of the AGS Journal, and a second one will be coming soon!  Visit their website to browse through the myriad of gourd and rock animals, beautiful lamps, and to find out more about Tom and Karen and their rock 'n gourd art!
Pumpkin Hollow
Darrell & Ellen Dalton, Piggott, AR
Dive into piles of beautiful Arkansas gourds!  From teensy-tiny to bigger than life - they've got 'em all, and the Dalton's will be more than happy to help you pick the best of the bunch.  Need gourds before the Gathering?  Visit their website and place an order!
Bayou Gourd Farm
Tom & Zelda Hornsby, Pineville, Louisiana
Visit their website, visit their farm, visit their booth ~ and be greeted with down-home hospitality, southern style!  Beautiful clean, thick gourds await you, along with ready-to-finish bird houses and feeders.  Want to learn how to cut your own?  Tom will be happy to show you the tools of the trade and how they are used.  If you couldn't find a gourd to meet the specifications of a class you're going to take, check with them.  They make it a point to check the class schedule and have many of the gourds needed for classes, even pre-cut ones.  If Zelda has been able to squeeze some extra hours into the day, we may also get to see some of her finished art.  Check the schedule for her  "Creative Chickens" class, where students will not only learn clay and painting techniques, but how to think creatively when looking at a gourd!
Carolina Gourds and Seeds
Harry Hurley, Fuquay Varina, NC
Besides quality gourds of all shapes and sizes, and a large variety of seeds, Harry also carries gourd craft and art books as well as leather dyes.  He has a good supply of quality martin gourds (1/4" to 5/8" thick and HARD) and great for carving.  Lots of apples, bananas, and other gourds.  Visit his  website to check it all out, and always feel free to call with any questions you might have.
Primitive Originals
Bob & Kathy James, Leesburg, GA
Here you will find a complete line of gourd supplies, including many
hard-to-find items, and items only available from Primitive Originals.  For
a preview of what you can expect to find in their booth at the Gathering,
take a trip to their website and browse through project kits, beads and
pendants, power tools, hand tools and supplies, dyes, paste, beading wax and beads, cordage, books, feathers, rubber stamping supplies, seeds, display stands, gemstone bead and shell strands, safety supplies and more!  Check the class schedule for classes taught by Kathy and her sister, Karen Kirkland.
Gourd Above
Sue Morgan & Dino Colao, Wheaton, IL
Sue and Dino hail from Illinois, but love coming to North Carolina several times a year.  This will be the first year they will be displaying their one-of-a-kind gourd art in Cherokee.  Their booth will have a vast selection of some of the most unique gourds that you'll find - many earthy, Native American, and Southwest inspired designs.  Sue and Dino's art ranges from intricate wood burning, Inlace, and and many other decorative designs and techniques.
Gourds by Spiritwind Traders
Jay Reynolds, Roan Mountain, TN
Penny completed her first gourd in 1998, and did not know there was such a thing as "gourd art" until 2003.  She and Jay met Ronna & David Wuttke of Turtle Feathers in April 2004, who invited them to the Gathering the following month.  Since then, they have gone to many shows and have been selling their finished work.  Penny also teaches and will hopefully be offering a class at the Gathering!
Gourds & Turtle Shells by harriet
Harriet Schneider, Loudon, TN
You don't want to miss Harriet's unique artistic endeavors including her finished  gourd art and turtle shell wall hangings, which incorporate dried naturals, genuine leather, studs, beads and  feathers.  Her husband is a hunter and he saves all the feathers for her to use.  This year, she added something totally new to her, that we're sure will be just as stunning and creative as her other works of art ~ one-of-a-kind wall hanging gourd masks.  One of Harriet's gourd was chosen to be displayed at the Tennessee State Museum from September 25, 2004 through January 9, 2005.  This display was called "The Best of Tennessee Crafts" in partnership with Tennessee State Museum and TACA.  From 269 entries, Toni Sikes, founder and director of THE GUILD based in Madison, Wisconsin, selected 106 works by 85 artists living in 31 towns, cities and communities across Tennessee.  Harriet belongs to the Foothills Craft Guild in Tennessee.
Full Circle
Ronald & Dianne Schuler, Stem, NC
Ron and Dianne make a good team when working with gourds.  Ron is the muscle behind the scenes cleaning the gourds.  Dianne is the artist who draws on her love of Native American culture and nature for her inspiration, then Ron steps back in and critiques the finished work.  Dianne's favorite technique is pyrography, then embellishing the gourd.  She loves to watch that moldy 'thing' turn into a beautiful work of gourd art.  Her gourds range from simple hand-held rattles to woven basket tops to oddly cut lidded vessels.  Check the schedule, as Dianne will be teaching several classes, and Ron will be taking care of their booth - be sure to stop by and say hello to him.
The Caning Shop
Jim Widess, Owner, Berkeley, CA
CeCe Thomas, Eastern Representative
Berkeley's definitive store for gourd crafting, caning , basket-making and supplies!  CeCe Thomas and Geof Morgan will have your favorite gourd tools, books, and supplies available during the Gathering.  You can even contact us ahead of time for supplies.  For more information contact The Caning Shop through the link above, or call toll free:  1-800-544-3373
R.A. Tucker, Jr. - Beads
R. A. Tucker, Jr., Tallahassee FL
Large selection of beads, shells, feathers and other gourd adornments.  Besides being hooked on gourds, if you are also a bead-aholic like some of us, you're in luck!  Ray is a lot of fun, has some great deals, and beautiful adornments and embellishments to choose from.
Turtle Feathers
David & Ronna Wuttke, Bryson City, NC
Turtle Feathers carries a wide range of gourd crafting tools and supplies.  Their goal is to become your one-stop source when shopping for gourd- and craft-related supplies.  Check the schedule for the pyrography and inlace class that Ronna will be teaching, and be sure to bring your 'wish list' and save some time in your schedule for shopping with David!
Leah Comerford Designs
Jack & Leah Comerford, Falmouth, VA
Leah and Jack will be set up with tutorials, project kits, baggies of beads, and...oh, yeah...GOURD art!  Every day, Leah will be giving demonstrations of Gourd Vision and her pyrography technique (times will be announced or posted).  Drop by with your clean gourd in hand, and Leah will be happy to help you get started on your own vision!

This is the place to get your supplies and kits for Joy Jackson's class "SU4-Knotless Netting Collar".  Leah has put together kits especially for this class and can help with color and beading decisions!  The kits include everything you need, including her own top-rated, professional-quality tutorial for knotless netting collars.  Shop for your supplies anytime through the weekend before the class starts at 2:00 p.m. Sunday!
This is a partial list of the vendors you'll see this year in Cherokee, and a little about them and their art.  Be sure to make time to visit all the booths, and their websites which are linked here!  Their support helps make the Gathering possible and there is much to be learned from each and every booth.  Techniques are demonstrated and the use of tools and supplies explained - many of which you can try out for yourself.  See color product demonstrations, get assistance in choosing the perfect raw gourd for your project, or tips for growing your own gourds.  Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by the diverse gourd art presented by artists from around the world, and rub elbows with the vendors and artists whose names are 'dropped' frequently in the gourd world!
Gourds by Glenn & Carolyn
Glenn & Carolyn Burkhalter, Lacey's Spring, AL
Glenn Burkhalter has been growing gourds since 1991.  He started with a couple of "short" rows in his vegetable garden in order to have a "few" gourds to use to attract purple martins.  Needless to say, by mid summer, the only things he could find in his garden were gourds.

In 1994, Glenn built his first gourd arbor on which to grow the extra long handle dippers.  That was such a thrill that he quickly expanded to four arbors and, encouraged by Jim Storey, he started tying overhand knots in their necks.  He began to experiment with other types of knots, gradually learning to tie the figure eight and square knots.  Soon he began to tie two gourds together with intertwined knots.
Ghost Creek Gourds
Dickie & Linda Martin, Laurens, SC
Joining us for the third time in Cherokee, Dickie and Linda will have the only "Martin" Martin gourds at the Gathering!  They'll also be offering a good selection of many other types of thick, clean gourds.  Visit their booth and if you don't see what you're looking for, be sure and ask.  They'll be happy to help you find just what you're looking for.  If you need something special and would like to have it delivered to the show, just give them a call at 864-682-5251 or email Ghost Creek Gourds.
Creek Bank Art
Rob & Betty Ghio, Columbia, MO
You don't want to miss the opportunity to visit the Ghio's booth.   Known for his intricate carving on Emu eggshells as well as on gourds, Rob's combination of these two natural materials creates one  beautiful art form not soon to be forgotten!  Until they moved to town recently, Rob and Betty raised their own Emus, so they can tell you all about these fascinating creatures.

Prairie Winds
Cass Iverson, Sturgeon, MO
Cass offers for sale a wide variety of gourd art, including animal and figure sculptures, along with carved and painted ethnic art.  Combining pieces of gourds, clay, and realistic painting techniques, her animal sculptures are well-known throughout the gourd world.  Check the class schedule for workshops Cass will be teaching!

Owle's Crafts
Rita Owle, Cherokee, NC
Rita has been beading for more than 35 years.  In 1997 she won the NC State Fair Village of Yesterday Craft Person of the Year, a coveted award among all Village members.  In  1996, Rita's bead work was on display at the Southern Highland Folk Center for 4 months.  Competing against over 300 artists, Rita was one of 70 chosen.  Being a part of the Center and having a write up in the 1996 year book is an honor all artists in the area hope to achieve. Currently Rita participates yearly in the Village of Yesterday at the NC  State Fair and the yearly Bolick's Pottery Festival in Lenoir, NC.  She also participates at the Hiddenite Class Center for young students in Hiddenite, NC.  Rita also has an established following of more than a dozen students she instructs on a weekly basis.  Her favorite saying  is "I want everyone to learn to bead".  Hey, Rita, does that include me..? 
Middle Mountain Acres
Mary Meberg, Moundsville, WV
Wherever she goes, Mary's booth overflows with a rainbow of happy colors!  Her finished gourd art includes birds of all sorts, herb pots, frogs, chickens, birdhouses, dolls, apples, Christmas ornaments ~ just to name a few things.  So be sure to visit the mushroom wonderland, complete with wishing well, which is her booth, and check the schedule for classes she'll be teaching on how to make your own frogs and chickens!
Jennifer Hill's Painted Gourds
Jennifer Hill, Andover, OH
Jennifer is an artist from Ohio who painted her first gourd while living in  Mexico.  That was many  years ago and she hasn't stopped painting gourds yet.  She uses a range of mediums; some are done with gauche, some with ink, some with oil.  She also paints murals, paintings, furniture, and found  objects.  Painting found objects is how she began painting on gourds. This  is her first time participating in the Gourd Artists Gathering at Cherokee and she is looking forward to participating in this year's intriguing event!

More info coming soon. . .

In 2001, Jim Storey entered the picture again; he issued Glenn a challenge to tie two knots in one gourd.  Glenn didn't believe it could be done and told Jim so, but agreed that he would "probably break half my 2001 crop trying".  With the good Lord smiling, Glenn was able to tie the two knots and get them to straighten out with one knot above the other.  To preserve this "one of a kind" original, Glenn had a clear Plexiglas case constructed in which to display and preserve it.  Two years later, Glenn duplicated the feat, so now the original, with case, is available for sale.  See it and Glenn's other gourds and knots at his booth at the 2005 Gourd Gathering.
This is the second year Rita will be at the Gourd Artists Gathering.  She is proud to  display her work in her own hometown and hopes by doing so, she will spread her "bead glow" to many gourd artists.  Although Rita is not teaching a class, she will be demonstrating different bead stitches and techniques throughout the Gathering.  Join her at her booth if you have a few minutes, she  may be working on something you need help with.
Gourds from Kituwah
Charlie Lytle, Sylva, NC
Sandlady's Gourd Farm
Helen & Ron Thomas, Tangier, IN
Thousands of gourds for sale!  Small to huge ~ Bottles, Kettles, Tobacco Box, Mini Gourds - Pear, Bottle, Bombers, and more!
Carol Schlaker & Edna Taylor-Reynolds
Sylva, NC
Carol has been creating beautiful gourd art for about a year now and never seems to run out of unique and creative ways to express her talent with this medium. Carol credits much of her initial inspiration to Ronna Wuttke (Turtle Feathers) who showed Carol the limitless creative possibilities that lie within every gourd. Carol's gourds and gourd lamps reflect her use of subtle colors and pyrography talents.

Edna moved to the area last year. She says living here has given her the opportunity to express herself a new artistic craft and meet other gourd artists. She's been inspired by the spirtual mountain region as well as other artists in the craft. This will be Carol and Edna's first showing in Cherokee.
Pablo & Jan Briseno
Taylorsville, KY
Pablo and Jan enjoy their gourds from seed to final piece of artwork.  Currently they grow only enough for their own use, but hope to soon have enough to share with others.  Gourds of all shapes and sizes become originally designed, unique pieces of artwork, each lovingly created with intricate details.  Many different techniques are used to bring out the natural beauty of the gourd, including pyrography, clay embellishments, and color enhancement using all types of media.  They welcome custom design requests.  Check out Stone Button, their soon-to-be-online website.