2012 Vendors
This is a partial list of the vendors you'll see this year in Cherokee!  Be sure to make time to visit all the booths, and their websites which are linked here!  Their support helps make the Gathering possible and there is much to be learned from each and every booth.  Techniques are demonstrated and the use of tools and supplies explained - many of which you can try out for yourself.  See color product demonstrations, get assistance in choosing the perfect raw gourd for your project, or tips for growing your own gourds.  Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by the diverse gourd art presented by artists from around the world, and rub elbows with the vendors and artists whose names are 'dropped' frequently in the gourd world!

A big thank you goes out to Char Suda for all the pictures shown here!
Turtle Feathers
David & Ronna Wuttke, North Carolina
Gourd supplies

Creek Hollow Farm
Preston & Janice Born and Harry & Joyce Greene
Georgia & Alabama
Finished art, tools, raw gourds
Giraffes Laff Art & Crafts
Sherry & Bob Briscoe, North Carolina
Finished gourd art, handpainted gourd-themed t-shirts & totes, gourd-themed wind chimes; supplies i.e. paint, stains, brushes, etc.
Toeless Beads and Gourds
Guy Conley, Arkansas
Beads, jewelry, gourd embellishments, etc.
Email:  yelnocyug@yahoo.com
Pumpkin Hollow
Darrell & Ellen Dalton, Arkansas
Dried gourds and gourd bowls
Chauga River Whittler
John D. Davis, South Carolina
Power tools, hand tools, books, general merchandise
Email: chaugawhittler@att.net
Southern Gourds
Amanda Jones & Edwina Goff
Clean dried gourds, cut bowls, birdhouse gourds, crafted gourds
Email:  gourdlovers@yahoo.com
Karen & Ben Kirkland, Georgia
General gourd supplies, beads, feathers, weaving supplies, etc.
Ghost Creek Gourds
Dickie & Linda Martin, South Carolina
Clean dried gourds
Naturally Yours
Suzi Nonn and Susan Zanella, Maryland
Finished gourds, embellishments, weaving material
Pan-African Arts
Eddie Osborne and Pamela Bennett, Florida
African / African-American musical instruments, some accessories
The Pod Lady
Betsey Sloan, North Carolina
Dried pods and botanicals, finished gourd art, gourd ink, etc.
Rouge Cou Beadz
R. A. Tucker, Florida
Beads, deer antlers, jewelry, coins, other gourd adornments
Email:  packratjack@yahoo.com
The Gourd Pile
Elaine Hayes, GA
Raw Gourds
Phone:  229-775-2123

Gourd Baskets by Mari
Marianne and Jim Barnes, South Carolina
Gourd kits, finished gourds, books, trans tint dyes, beads, some reed, gourd bags, etc.
Bagweaver Originals
Jackie Briggs, Georgia
Handmade paper, sliced sea shells, glass focals & beads, horn focals & beads, feathered trims, beaded trims, shell trims
Email:  bagweaver@yahoo.com

North Carolina Gourd Society
Judi Fleming, North Carolina
Offerings include finished art, tools, supplies, raw gourds, gourd books, seeds, memberships, t-shirts
Phoenix Rising Unlimited
Barbara Nelson and Richard Genaitis, Florida
Dyed Florida long leaf pine needles, natural pine needles, green pine needles, misc. coiling supplies (gauges, artificial sinew, sliced walnuts, pre-drilled wood basket bottoms, tapestry needles, decoupage papers, finger guards, books, gourd grips, Dremel and accessories, disposable gloves, etc.

Miriam Joy Gourd Creations
Miriam Joy and Bud Sagen, Arizona
Gourd tools, products that relate to my wax technique, some finished gourds for sale
Angelical & Green Friendly Jewelry
Maria Godoy & Pilar Rodriguez, North Carolina
Hand-made gourd jewelry:  necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings

Blue Whale Arts, LLC
Leah Reed, New Hampshire
Tools, supplies, finished art, raw gourds

S&S Gourd Farm
Randy Sullins, Alabama
Raw gourds
Email:  randysullins@charter.net
Softwalker Enterprises
Toney Boozer, South Carolina
Pine needles, grass, gourds (raw and finished, embellishments, etc.
Email:  rockyboozerdog@yahoo.com
Two Cousins Traders
Charlene Floyd & Cathy Glover
Suppies, beads, aprons, bone, sinew, bees wax, forged iron items, etc.
Email:  catsewg@bellsouth.net
Be sure to welcome our newest vendors!
Sue Hollon-Taber Designs
Sue & Clarence Tabor, Missouri
Cut gourds, packets, templates, finished art